Why Size Really Does Matter to Gay Men

An opinion piece on the billion-dollar mens underwear industry that is ignoring or shaming an entire segment of gay men for their size. Mens underwear sizes for brands aimed at the gay market stop at 36 inches, well below the national average waist size of 39.7 inches around. Big boys abound in the gay community, so why are our buns shunned by these fancy pants underwear makers?

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Modern Gay Boys Cannot Take “Top” & “Bottom” Away From Us

There seems to be a pervasive attitude among the very fortunate new generation of “modern” gay youngsters that any gay man who considers himself to be fully, without exception, 100% top or 100% bottom is just ridiculous and cannot be taken seriously. “Every man is a little bi-sexual”, one very bold and irascible little boy, still growing out of his baby fat told me, “and every gay man is at least a little bit. . .”

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