Why Years & Years Deserve All The Attention And More

When I was growing up, discovering my own awkward differentness from everyone around me, and feeling completely alone and cut off from the world because of what I would come to identify as my sexual orientation, I was desperate to connect with someone, anyone, who might offer an example to me of what being gay was about and how it would look in context outside of my own small sphere of influence. I would have given anything to have had a role model with whom to relate, and I believe with all my heart that having had one would have made those awful teenage years much easier to bear. But I didn’t. It wasn’t until I was already through the worst part of growing up and coming out that role models started popping up on television or print media in ways that were positive rather than scandalous. It very well may have been Ellen DeGeneres’ famous on-air coming out that broke the seal for others to follow in her wake. By that time, I’d found my footing, and whatever damage was done by having figured out my sense of self without a guidepost was already done.

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Bienvenue chez Nae Nae!

Here is a brief introduction to the categories I have set up on my site. You’ll find an Introductions area, a PG-13 section called “VaNaella Treats”, an 18+ Adults Only section I call “ProfaNaety & Smut” that is not suitable for readers under the age of 18, and finally a section called “Socially ConNaected”, where I hope to curate a selection of my posts from other websites and forums. Welcome chez Nae Nae! Enjoy!

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