Guilt, Shame, and the Survival of Death

In the weeks and months after March 6, 2015 — the day I signed before a witness the papers authorizing them to carry out the cremation which Mom had long since confided to me that she wanted — I rationalized that secret, heartless response. I propped it up with justification after justification as if I could somehow plaster over the ugliness of the thought with enough evidence to neutralize its sting and to redeem myself as her loving son.

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Fort Troff Boasts New Sport Jock Made By Under Armour, But Gay Sized

When Finally Given An Opportunity To Size For US Men, Fort Troff Downsizes Under Armour Jockstraps For Gay Customers (NSFW)

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Why Size Really Does Matter to Gay Men

Aimed at Gay Size Queens, Underwear Ads Shun Girthful Gays I have always been heavy. The earliest photos of me make it difficult

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