Fort Troff Boasts New Sport Jock Made By Under Armour, But Gay Sized

When Finally Given An Opportunity To Size For US Men, Fort Troff Downsizes Under Armour Jockstraps For Gay Customers (NSFW)

For a long time, I’ve admired Fort Troff’s sexy line of FT GRUNT underwear and fetish gear. But being an average sized American male over the age of 20, I, like the average sized American male, have a 40-inch waist wrapped around the middle of my 6’3″ frame. I’m a big, stocky guy, sure. But as I wrote in my previous rant on the subject, so are millions and millions of other American consumers, many of whom are also gay or bisexual.

Fort Troff Fort Grunt Sport Jock in Camo - made by Under ArmourI always assumed that, like me, Fort Troff was simply limited in what they could buy from the super cheap Asian factories, where the sizes are miniature compared to those sold in typical US stores. I’d supposed, holding the retailer blameless,  that their hands must have been tied to sizes that did not reflect the full spectrum of their American customer base by the need to keep retail prices low and relatively affordable while still managing to appeal to a good number of its thinner customers. So, I grumbled a bit, wiped up the drool, and stopped looking at their apparel altogether, knowing they simply could not accommodate me.

@Matt_Stevensxxx Tweeted Discount Code STEVENS10 for Sport Jock by Fort TroffBut now I’ve learned that Fort Troff knowingly and intentionally limits the sizing of their clothing after one of their special discount codes was tweeted by Matt Stevens Muscle (@Matt_Stevensxxx), leading me once again to what I presumed would be a super hot jockstrap made only for twinks and itty bitty jocks, hoping against hope that I was wrong.

While skimming through the overview section of the 3+1 Super KIT deal, I did, in fact, have a momentary glimmer of hope as I read that Fort Troff had actually traveled to the factory that makes all of Under Armor’s men’s underwear and supporters with their own design to be created there! Knowing full well that Under Armour, like many of the mainstream men’s underwear makers, sells in sizes that go well above my average American waist size, I was psyched and ready to stock up.

We went to the SAME factory that makes Under Armour and designed our own sleek CAMO fabric. This moisture-wicking performance fabric has incredible stretch…and our mesh pouches BREATHE…for all damn day comfort.

But as soon as I selected my XL and looked once more at the size guide below the item description, that hope was dashed to pieces along with the former free pass I had been giving Fort Troff for not selling their gear in sizes larger than 36 inches. While they boast about using UA’s factory, the Fort Grunt line of undergear has been skewed down from UA’s advertised size chart to match the completely inaccurate sizing that the fit and flawless gay consumer crowd is used to seeing on the racks and on the go-go boys across the country, with their largest being an XL that accommodates a mere 35-37 inches around. I guess my benefit of the doubt bone has well and truly been broken this time. Fort Troff chose to exclude me and my portly pals from their line of sexy men’s undergear.  The proof is right there in black and white. How very disappointing.

Fort Troff Deliberately Sized Down UA Jockstrap For Thin Gay MarketUnder Armour's Regularly Sized US Jockstrap for Men

To see the Fort Grunt in action with 3 sweaty gym studs preparing to pig it on out in the locker room, here’s the video ad for the jockstrap from Fort Troff.

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