Do Christian Terrorists Have The Right Cure To The Wrong Problem?

With World Population Growth Predicted To Reach 10 Billion People By 2050, Are Christian Terrorists Killing The Wrong Doctors?

It’s a hard question that takes a tough stomach to ask. Could these nut jobs, in their misplaced and baseless attempt to save the nonexistent souls of fetuses, be onto the right solution for the salvation of mankind with the murders, attempted murders, and powerful faith-based lobbying of law makers for a more religiously based set of laws governing abortion clinics and the professionals who perform them?

Don’t think for a second that I personally agree with, condone, or support this murderous malarkey one bit. It’s downright sociopathic and horrific in my opinion. But if you consider the rate at which the global population is growing, and the strain on vital resources like food, fresh water, and energy sources this continuing boom in baby making is producing, it won’t be long before we non-nut job types find ourselves ready to ponder solutions that we once would have eschewed as unthinkable in order to ensure our own survival, much less the continuation of our species through future generations.

World Population Growth 1950-2050


What would it take to redirect the blood lust these rifle wielding zealots feel toward fertility clinics that help couples circumvent the built-in evolutionary safeguards that help naturally control population growth by genetically stopping certain ineligible swimmers from peeing in the gene pool? What if instead of sending violent, angry mobs of demonstrators to attack innocent women and their doctors, clinicians, and health care providers who are trying to end unwanted or dangerous pregnancies, they redirected all that well intended energy and rage toward those facilities and practitioners who help the infertile and the aged to beat Mother Nature and pop out child after child, often in sets of twins, triplets, quadruplets, or more, and in doing so adding millions to the number of preventable human mouths that will be begging and screaming for their share of what scarce food and water there’ll be on tap 20 years down the road? Wouldn’t that be the better strategy for saving us from the slow, agonizing hell we are creating for ourselves right here on earth?

I never thought I’d find myself even on the same hypothetical plane as these bible-quoting assassins, but there we have it, folks. All that’s left is to develop the right propaganda to sway these self-proclaimed Christian warriors into believing that sperm banks are the root of their evil little problems, and that IVF centers are the real harbingers of doom. That shouldn’t be too difficult, if you consider how ridiculous and unbelievable their current operator’s manual is. What say you? Is it time to thin the heard through God’s holy [rewritten] word?

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