An Unlikely Ally Of The Average Homeaux Emerges In DaveyWavey Underwear Ad

Championing Inclusion and Diversity in the Underwear World With New Line of Undies, Davey Wavey Casts Average Homeaux in New Addirty fit apparel

I’ll be the first to admit that I started tuning out the incessant self-promotion and ubiquitous references to YouTube “celebrity”, Davey Wavey (wickydkewl) quite a while back when it started to seem like he was just another Andrew Christian wearing twunky clone with nothing of particular interest to say. Much of his content is pretty shallow, and it often reinforces rather than debunks many of the negative stereotypes about gay men, especially when it comes to topics like promiscuity, bareback vs. protected sex, and our perceived lust for straight men, all of them, and any of them who’ll have us. Only recently did I begin to read bits and pieces of news indirectly that made me think perhaps I had been too quick to judge.

One such tidbit of gossip was a story quoting the always shirtless Canadian vlogger turned WeHo celebutante as having said he doesn’t believe in monogamy, and that gay men, being men, were unnecessarily holding themselves to some hetero-normative definition of what a relationship should look like in spite of their biological predisposition to mate, mate, mate. That’s actually a sentiment I share, so I was rather surprised to hear it coming, allegedly, from someone I’d written off as too vapid to understand words like “hetero-normative” and too pre-programmed to swim against the social current on the subject of mainstreaming the gayz.

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So it came as yet another shock to me today when I learned of Davey Wavey’s latest venture into the highly lucrative world of men’s designer underwear, more specifically regarding his choice of models for the launch of the advertising campaign. Take a look at the new ad for Dirty Fit Apparel released yesterday, Nov 16, and see what I’m talking about.

Finally! An underwear line targeting the gay consumer and acknowledging that we are NOT all genetically blessed jocks with perfect skin and deep, testosterone-soaked voices that command hair to grow upon anything they touch.

“As a person who is bodied like I am,  it’s empowering because it makes people see that there’s no ‘one standard’, but a multitude that are all beautiful in their own way.”

Kudos, Mr. Wavey. My hat is off to you for shedding some light on a subject near and dear to many gay, lesbian, and trans members of our community. Hopefully this altruism will continue in your business practice (starting with the sizes you offer your clothes in), in your commentary in those daily videos you’re always posting, and in your ability to affect the empty little minds of the majority of your over 950,00 subscribers in positive, more inclusive ways.

“When the world doesn’t see me the way I feel that I deserve, it makes me feel less than human. And I feel very human when I look at myself.”

This still doesn’t get you completely out of hot water for your appearance in this revolting advert by the deplorable Andrew Christian, fat-shamer extraordinaire, who designs clothes that won’t even fit half the people to whom he markets them, but it’s a might fine start.

You geaux, boy!

Check out Davey’s new Cosmic Collection at, where discount code “youtube” will save you 15% off your order.


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