4 Iraqi Men Thought To Be Gay Murdered By ISIS

Barbaric ISIS Members Reportedly Murdered 4 Men Whom They Accused of Being Homosexual on Sunday Afternoon in Two Different Cities in Iraq.

This according to posts made to Terrormonitor.org on Twitter (@Terror_Monitor) yesterday accompanying the report with graphic photos of three men, faces concealed, hurling a bound and blindfolded man head first from the roof of a multi-story building and onto a pile of concrete debris and rubble in the town of Mosul, Iraq. Another photo shows presumably the same 3 men from ISIS reading a statement to the gathered crowd they had summoned to watch the spectacle.

The photos are beyond disgusting, capturing one of the poor men frozen in midair halfway to the ground, followed by another that appears to show the body of a second slain man heaped upon that of the first in a sickening, unnatural position, while a throng of onlookers, including many children, crowd around the scene watching the barbaric scene go down, apparently having been instructed to go there by the gang of extremist thugs en route to carry out these horrible killings. Two other men are reported to have been captured and killed in the same manner, for the same reason in the ancient city of Nineveh, which has seen its share of recent beheadings, beatings, and threats by the Islamic State extremists to destroy the archaeologically precious walls of Nineveh, once capital of the Assyrian Empire, should the Iraqi army attack them.

How long is the world going to sit back and let these sick, sadistic extremists carry out such heinous acts on innocent people? When will we have seen enough of them lobbing off the heads of Westerners accused of any number of made up charges, not even afforded the illusion of a trial, just murdered in public and and on television to help spread their twisted and abhorrent message of religious stupidity and ignorance. How many of their own people are we waiting to see stoned to death in soccer stadiums, their women beaten, humiliated, and violated in public at the hands of these lunatics? It’s a mental image I find myself cringing at more often these days when I ponder an America lead by Donald Trump and groaning under the heavy, cow-like herd of millions of racist, ignorant conspiracy theorist nutbags who jump for joy at each awful, idiotic thing to come out of Trump’s mouth lately.

I don’t expect that there is an answer, really – at least not one I’d like. The pragmatic side of me knows that fighting against an entrenched ideology shared by millions and millions is damned near impossible to do with any measure of success when they simply replenish their ranks by brainwashing entire generations of young, ignorant children who haven’t the maturity or capacity to question the lies they’re being fed. I know enough about the history of that region and the seemingly eternal turmoil they have both caused and endured as one nation after another has invaded and occupied their countries, attempting to instill in them a Western style of government, which they find fundamentally repulsive and in opposition of their faith.

But while the rational parts of me recognize all those facts, my heart goes out to the innocent men and women who live their lives under the insane, gun-wielding thumb of an oppressive and unreasonable theocracy led by psychotic bullies who get off on the harm they can inflict and the perception of power that their fear wins them. It’s one of the things I hate most about being a grown up is to know that bad people get away with doing bad things to anyone they choose all the time, and fair is often nothing more than the first syllable of fairy tale.

The link to the story via LGBTQNation.com is below, but do be warned that the pictures, while not gorey, are deeply disturbing for all their realism.


One thought on “4 Iraqi Men Thought To Be Gay Murdered By ISIS

  • October 13, 2015 at 6:19 pm

    This makes me so sad. I just want to choke the Americans who don’t get this is happening and it is wrong!


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