SaturNae Soundcheck: September’s Sexiest Songs

September 2015 Has Come & Gone, But It Left Some Sexy New Faves On My Playlists To Remember It By.

First up in this inaugural installment of SaturNae Soundcheck, we saddle up for a sultry, sexy new release from the folksy British electronica sensation, Ellie Goulding with her new track, “On My Mind”. The song from her upcoming third album, DELIRIUM, slated for release on November 6th, has some Nosy Nellies speculating whether or not Goulding put more than a little of her own experience into the writing of this revenge-themed pop tune, perhaps drawing specifically from her breakup last year with adorable, talented singer-songwriter and honorary ginger dwarf-kin of the Lonely Mountain, Ed Sheeran, whom she left in an embarrassing trade-down [IMHO] for One Direction’s harmonizing hair-do, Niall Whore-Man.

The single dropped September 17, and is now joined by the accompanying Emil Nava-directed video below, which teaches a lesson many of us gay boys already knew – if a man is giving you grief, get you a chola bestie to handle that shizz.

Janet Jackson Releases Hard Hitting Collab Feat. Missy Elliott In Advance Of Unbreakable World Tour

Miss Jackson (’cause, you know, I’m nasty) has given her fans their first taste of new music in years, releasing three tracks from her upcoming album, “Unbreakable”, which is the newest LP she has recorded since before the death of her beloved brother, Michael, in June 2009. The songs come in advance of Janet’s huge comeback via the Unbreakable World Tour.


No Sleeep


’90s Synth-Pop Makes A Comeback – Best Music Of 2015 By Years & Years

In a draft of this post that decided to vanish itself into the ether, I went on and on about all the ways this band, Years & Years, had changed the music scene, how 25-year-old Olly Alexander was in danger of becoming my adoptive son whether he liked it or not, and how I was going to find a way to force everyone’s computers to start up on the band’s website,, until they could prove they’d purchased the album.

Perhaps my guardian demon was watching over my shoulder and forced that saved draft to vanish overnight. Perhaps I just have shit blogging skills. Either way, you’re getting a much shorter version of a rant that was meant to sing the praises of this band, especially its funny, charming, vocally brilliant gay front man, Olly Alexander. Here are the tunes. Go buy the album. Now.




Take Shelter



And for a little lagniappe. . .


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