Bienvenue chez Nae Nae!

Bienvenue sur mon blog! – ¡Bienvenidos a mi blog! – Добро пожаловать в мой большой гей-блога! – Welcome to my blog!

Or . . . website. I haven’t decided what this will be once it gets going. For now, let’s just think of it as a comfy public place where I (hereafter referred to as “the Nae” or “Nae Nae” or “The Lordt”) will make available to you (hereafter referred to as “you” or “reader” or “member” or “bitches”) various stories, photos, videos, and other insights into my life, my home, and most importantly, my opinions – all of which I’m sure you will come to embrace as your own by the time we are finished here.

So far, I’ve divided the site into a few main categories, some of which may not yet have content. Hopefully these categories will make your visit easy to navigate and safe for delicate eyes, ears, noses, and throats. Your feedback is always welcome!

There’s a category called “Introductions”, which is where I hope to enable discussions in some format or other so that we can exchange comments, have topical discussions, and basically just interact with one another here at my site.

For the delicate fleurs among you, I have a sanitized section called “VaNaella Treats” that should satisfy your taste for all things tasteful without any of that sinful stuff the kids are all ingesting these days.

For the rest of you perverted bitches and bastards, I’ve saved the raunchy stuff neatly away under an easily identifiable category called “ProfaNaety & Smut”. As you will soon find out, this category is likely to get the vast majority of my attention, because my mind resides about 3 3/4 inches beneath the gutter, and it likes it there! Come on in! The water’s filthy.

Finally, there’s a category I’ve set up called “Socially ConNaected”, which is intended to bridge the content I post elsewhere on other social media or blog sites into one location for your reading and viewing enjoyment. Content posted in this category *should* also be tagged with a raunch rating so that you can tell whether or not the individual posts taste of vaNaella or if they’re profaNaety incarnate. So be mindful of the tags.

Well? What are you waiting for? Get to surfing!

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